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So, What time is the Space X launch tonight?

Who knows? No idea to be honest. I’m so confused. This morning I was on local radio (for a whole 5 minutes, yes check me out!) talking about the rescheduled launch of the first crewed Space X launch from the Kennedy Space Centre in the USA. I of course looked up when it would actually […]

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What is the one reality you need to come to peace with?

Well, lockdown has been great for this. It’s been a great leveller. This reality; it’s really something actually. REALITY CHECK x 10. Hmm, I guess I’ve realised I don’t actually need all those things I thought I needed. I don’t need more; I already have everything I need. (I realise that I am speaking from […]

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What do you appreciate most about your life right now?

So I haven’t written this blog or done a morning journalling task for a while. What can I say? Lockdown life is distracting. I have actually taken up bullet journalling though, so I am doing some form of journalling and creating, which I am sure is helping keep me sane. To answer the question from […]